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Canary Islands: Immigration in a Border Region

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Author: Dirk Godenau, Vicente Zapata

Publisher: Revista Política y Sociedad

Type: Article

Country: Spain

Year: 2010


During the last decade immigration in the Canary Islands has become more intense, diversified and generalized. The article sums up recent tendencies in migration flows and refers to the functions the Canary Islands fulfill in the southern European frontier as a final migration destination or mere transit region. Special attention is dedicated to identify segmentation phenomena in migration flows and migrant communities, analyzing modes of entry and patterns of post-migration mobility. Immigration impacts in different aspects of social and economic reality will be highlighted and the institutional response implemented in recent years with respect to migration management will be described.

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Fondazione Ismu


Regione Lombardia Regione Umbria Regione Campania Cidis Onlus


ACIDI, Portugal, participant: M. Horta
Cabildo de Tenerife, Spain, participant: D. Buraschi
CVEK, Slovakia, participant: E. Gallova kriglerova
Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz, für Integration und Europa, Germany, participant: W. Kindermann
Integration Centre, Ireland, participant: K. Forde
IRFAM, Belgium, participant: A. Manço