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Thinking beyond Migration: Opening up New Integration Paths

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Author: European Network Against Racism

Publisher: European Network Against Racism

Type: Conference Report

Country: Various

Year: 2011


"ENAR’s conference “Thinking beyond Migration: Opening up New Integration Paths” aimed to foster the debate on what ENAR means by integration and what possibilities there are for influencing policy and understandings of integration for the future, by reflecting, exchanging ideas and debating the multiple and varying understandings of integration. The conference also presented the final results of the Migrants, Rights and Integration Project (MRIP), funded by the Network of European Foundations’ European Programme for Integration and Migration and the European Commission. This three-year project aimed to bring a genuine migrant voice perspective in the EU debate on integration in order to adequately address the needs and experiences of migrants and to counter the current negative dialogue on migration. ENAR grassrootsorganisations, representing migrants in six countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom), identified integration projects and undertook a peer review activity to see how good practices could be replicated across EU Member States. The practices identified serve to inform the EU and other countries’ approaches to integration policy and promote constructive integration policies at the local, national and European levels with the view to enhance quick learning and integration processes for newly arrived migrants based on the experiences of their peers and receiving societies. The main output of the MRIP project, a European toolkit on migrant integration best practices, was launched at this conference. The toolkit was designed as an aid to organisations working with migrant communities to support their integration, primarily at local and regional levels." (p. 2-3)

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ACIDI, Portugal, participant: M. Horta
Cabildo de Tenerife, Spain, participant: D. Buraschi
CVEK, Slovakia, participant: E. Gallova kriglerova
Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz, fĂĽr Integration und Europa, Germany, participant: W. Kindermann
Integration Centre, Ireland, participant: K. Forde
IRFAM, Belgium, participant: A. Manço