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The challenge of intercultural coexistence

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Author: Aguilar M.J.and Buraschi D.

Publisher: Rev. Inter. Mob. Hum., Brasília, Ano XX, Nº 38, p. 27-43, jan./jun. 2012

Type: Article

Country: Spain

Year: 2012


Cultural diversity is a central issue with ever-increasing importance in the dynamics and evolution of current societies. However its management is done from very different perspectives and responses, not infrequently, of dubious effectiveness in the field of civic coexistence for an inclusive citizenship. In this article the three most common responses to this challenge are analyzed, which have been named and characterized as “subordinate assimilation”, “culturalist racism” and “intercultural esthetics”. This way, some limitations, shortcomings and problems highlighted by these challenges were identified. In this context, there is the need of developing an intercultural, critical and transformative response, which consists in a valid alternative for the development of a coexistence based on dialogue, equality and recognition of differences.

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Fondazione Ismu


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ACIDI, Portugal, participant: M. Horta
Cabildo de Tenerife, Spain, participant: D. Buraschi
CVEK, Slovakia, participant: E. Gallova kriglerova
Hessisches Ministerium der Justiz, für Integration und Europa, Germany, participant: W. Kindermann
Integration Centre, Ireland, participant: K. Forde
IRFAM, Belgium, participant: A. Manço